Introduction into Innovation and Research

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Study Programme: MSc Business Information Systems

In the introduction week of the masrter's programs Business Information Systems and International Management the students work on an Innovation Challenge. Within 3 days the students create prototypes of innovative solutions and present them at an exhibition. The approaach is based on the Google Design Spring.

The students are prepared during an interactive introductory session:

Students of the MSc in Business Information Systems attend lectures about research methodology taught by Dr. Frieder Witschel and Prof. Thomas Hanne.

  1. Introduction: What is research?
  2. Judging research and the research process
  3. How to define your topic
  4. How to find, manage and cite relevant literature
  5. How to choose a research methodology
  6. Evaluating Research Results
  7. Structuring your paper