The NEMO'2018 Summer School is was organized at the University of Vienna

These are the slides and study material of the lecture of Knut Hinkelmann.

Modeling Knowledge Work: Case Management and Decision-aware Business Processes


Modelling Knowledge Work is based on two principles: (1) the separation of business logic and process logic and (2) the support of both structured and unstructured knowledge. Case management is the management of long-lived, non-structured collaborative processes that require knowledge and information. The path of case execution cannot be predefined but depends on human skills and judgment. The OMG recently developed the Case Management Modelling and Notation (CMMN). For real processes, however, there is no strict separation between structured processes and cases. The lecture will show how case modelling can be integrated with business process modelling in BPMN. Decision-aware business processes separate business logic from process flow, making process models simpler and easier to modify. This can be achieved by combining process modelling with decision modelling (e.g. using DMN) and having decision data available in structured format. The modelling of knowledge work will be demonstrated with the Knowledge Work Designer.